Hotel Phillips

by BeSpoken

The first architect I had ever heard about was everyone’s favorite TV dad, Mike Brady, from the Brady Bunch.  He mostly worked from home and always had important plans to deliver.

It was understood that being an architect carried a certain cachet, and according to George Costanza from Seinfeld, “Nothing is higher than architect!”

When you think about it, we owe so much to these creative professionals who imagine, draw, measure, calculate, organize, vision, and literally account for every detail down to the smallest dust particle to give us the homes, buildings, and public spaces we enjoy and hold dear.

Working with my client, New Jersey Architecture firm, KKAD, I’m able to see how this mojo circus all comes together and admittedly, I agree with George!

This year KKAD began work on an exciting project in the vibrant Kansas City Power & Light District – the renovation of the historic Hotel Phillips. The challenge for Kraig Kalashian and his team was to preserve the integrity and historical design elements of this 1930’s Art-Deco landmark while reimagining a stylish boutique hotel for the 21st century guest.

KKAD applied their signature style of “Comfortable Luxury” to the renovation by bringing together timeless interiors that worked seamlessly with up-graded amenities.

The original 1931 crown molding blends harmoniously into the new design that features custom applied wall paneling both above the headboard, and behind the desk + dresser. The guest bathrooms are crisp and clean with white tiles and swanky brass hardware.

Check out the transformed model Guest Room Suite, King Guest Room + Guest Bathroom below. I think they nailed it!



From the warm paint color, custom lighting fixtures, window treatments and flooring, to the modern furnishings, tufted headboard and bed linens, the attention to detail gives the guest rooms a timeless elegance that echoes the opulence of the hotels’ celebrated past.

Stay tuned for more transformation highlights that will include an update of the Lobby, Restaurant and Meeting Spaces.  The project will also include the creation of new food and beverage outlets including a Coffee Shop at the street level and a Cocktail Lounge in the lowest level of the hotel.

Thanks to the vision of KKAD, the Hotel Phillips will continue to be the jewel of the Power & Light District.  The renovation should be complete by the end of November.  We’re all excited to see the big reveal!

BeSpokenHotel Phillips