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by BeSpoken

Christopher Kimball’s – Milk Street Magazine: The New Home Cooking

Christopher Kimball, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, has just launched a new culinary magazine called Milk Street. I just scored the fall charter issue featuring Caramel Oranges on the cover.

The layout is simple and uncluttered (no advertising ever!) The food photography and illustrations are gorgeous. Every issue features a Recipe Index and the sections:  Cookies, Equipment, Wine, Cocktails, Book Reviews, Tools, Kitchen Cabinet and One Meal.

Check out the NY Times interview with Christopher Kimball:

Now, I am no Cara DiFalco in the kitchen, but the title, The New Home Cooking, gives this humble kitchen stumbler hope for easier and better ways to cook simply. Armed with the science behind the Fluffy Olive Oil Scrambled Eggs, I’m ready to take on weekend eggs with the essentials; eggs, my rubber spatula, EVOO (oh, and a pan).  Easy peezy!

Hold on to this 1st issue.  It’s set to become a collector’s item!

BeSpokenOn the other side of town…